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Life History Lecture - Darren Rothberg Biol 105 Evolution...

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Darren Rothberg Biol 105 – Evolution 11.28.07 I) The Evolution of Life Histories 1) A life history consists of the overall set of traits an organism possesses that directly affect the number of successful offspring it produces a. These are sometimes referred to as “decisions”, but they are “decisions” in the evolutionary sense, not “decisions” in the conscious sense. b. Like any other trait, a life history can evolve, and it does so via selection acting upon the various individual traits that combine to make up the overall life history. 2) Life History Traits a. Age/size at first reproduction b. Reproductive effort c. Clutch size d. Egg size e. Growth rate? f. Allometric considerations g. “Higher-level” traits : (i) Mode of reproduction Egg-laying Live-bearing (ii) Aspects of development 3) Approaches to the study of life-history evolution a. Optimization - Maximization of some fitness measure (i) Some measure of fitness (for the parent) is optimized (ii) Ultimate fitness measures: r R 0 (iii) Proximate fitness measures: (Offspring fitness) x (offspring number) = (reproductive output) Return on parental investment (iv)Given limited energy, time, space, etc., what is the best combination of traits (produced the most successful offspring)
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b. Game theory (i) (E)volutionary (S)table (S)trategies In game theory, the “optimal” value for some trait depends upon what other individuals in the population are doing. An example is when
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Life History Lecture - Darren Rothberg Biol 105 Evolution...

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