#5 - Heterotrophs

#5 - Heterotrophs - Lecture Quiz #2. Spartina is a plant...

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1 Lecture Quiz #2. Spartina is a plant species found in New England salt marshes, which are cool and moist, and which do not experience unusually high light levels for long periods of time. However, most C4 plants exist in habitats which are hot, dry and have very high light levels – and they are adapted to these conditions. What advantage would Spartina gain by using C4 photosynthesis instead of C3, as most temperate plants do? Heterotrophs • Autotrophs (plants and some bacteria) incorporate inorganic molecules into organic compounds • Heterotrophs use these organic compounds – decomposers – parasites – predators – grazers Types of consumption Carnivores – kill the prey during attack Herbivores – remove parts of many prey, rarely lethal. Parasites – consume parts of one or few prey, rarely lethal. Parasitoids – kill one prey during prolonged attack. Cannibalism - The eater and eaten are the same species (intraspecific predation). Diet breadth consumes only one prey type consumes many prey types broad diet narrow diet specialist generalist
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2 HERBIVORY • Occurs when animals eat plants. • Herbivores are those animals that exclusively or primarily eat plant tissue. • Generally restricted to specific parts of the plant (leaves, flowers, fruits, roots, tubers, sap); thus, leaving the rest to regenerate. • Resembles predation when seed (which contains plant embryo), seedling or whole plant is consumed. VERTEBRATE HERBIVORES • Large ungulates are the most conspicuous native herbivores in North America. • Those that feed
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#5 - Heterotrophs - Lecture Quiz #2. Spartina is a plant...

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