Sust. Sci. Lecture Notes #1

Sust. Sci. Lecture Notes #1 - The first two principles...

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11.16.2008 Sustainability Science An emerging field defined by the urgent problems it addresses rather than the disciplines it employs § Use-inspired research defined by urgent and complex problems rather than disciplines § Integrated education to prepare society to deal with increasingly complex, interconnected urgent problems § Connecting knowledge and action , researchers working with practitioners. What does sustainability mean? ο Using resources at a rate that is in line with replenishment. What is sustainability science? What is significance of “technology?” Principles of sustainability ο A sustainable society does not use natural resources or produce wastes faster than they are regenerated or assimilated by the environment. ο Decisions that promote sustainability are consistent with the fact that human society is a system that is part of a larger system, the natural environment
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Unformatted text preview: ο The first two principles must be meshed with the ethical and moral principles that govern fairness among nations, between genders, and among current and future generations ο Social incentives must reward those who act in a sustainable way and punish those who act in a non-sustainable manner. • Why is climate change, considered by some, to be the most serious and most difficult to manage of all environmental problems? ο Climate is the envelope for all of earth’s systems : Truly global impacts, everyone will be influence somehow ο Resulting primarily from burning fossil fuels, the foundation How Does Climate Relate to Weather? The Heat Balance of Planet Earth-Climate change is caused by a change in the planet’s heat balance (energy in vs. energy out) Greenhouse gases-water vapor-carbon dioxide-methane-nitrous oxide-chlorofluorocarbons...
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Sust. Sci. Lecture Notes #1 - The first two principles...

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