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Art 1a Winter 2008 TA: Kirsten Pisto Lynda Nead: “Theorizing the Female Nude” Lynda Nead opens her essay with a discussion of the significance of “framing the female body”, which is achieved by the photographer or artist through stripping the female subject of the excess (clothing) and posing her within the frame of the camera as well as the frame of her own body; thus regulating and containing her body within “the classical ideal of unity and integrity of form.” The model also contributes to the framing by composing the shape of her own body through exorcise and self-control in an attempt to integrate into social standards and adjust her self-image. Nead then goes on to discuss the constant challenge of balancing the sexual and
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Unformatted text preview: artistic values of nude art; constraining erotic urges from interfering with artistic appreciation. She discusses the varying definitions of the terms nude and naked; how representation can alter the essence of the piece of art completely. Lynda Nead addresses the significant influence of social standards, family values, and cultural inclinations on how nude art is judged and categorized. Nead defines the ideal of the female nude as a representation of beauty through harmony, symmetry, and discipline; drawing the line between aesthetics and obscenity, interior and exterior, erotic art and pornography; a line that is very small and controversial indeed....
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