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Study guide for quiz 1 - The Scientific Method:...

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The Scientific Method: Observation - with instruments or through knowledge and experiences of other scientists Hypothesis - uses inductive reasoning (uses creative thinking to combine isolated facts into) Experiments/ further observations (research design)- manner in which scientist intends to conduct an experiment Experimental variable- deliberately changed Control group not exposed to experimental variable Model- representation of actual object Data analysis - results of an experiment Conclusion - analyze data collected- determined whether hypothesis is supported or not *Experiments and observations must be repeatable* Scientific theories - (ultimate goal of science is to understand natural world in terms of scientific theories) accepted explanations for how the world works Principle or law- sometimes used for theories generally accepted by an overwhelming number of scientists General Characteristics of Life: metabolism growth reaction to stimuli movement reproduce Matter- anything that takes up space and has mass Element- substance that cannot be broken down into another substance by ordinary chemical means
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Study guide for quiz 1 - The Scientific Method:...

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