Chapter 6 - Chapter 6: Business-to-Business Markets- How...

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- How and Why Orgs Buy Characteristics that make a difference in business markets: Multiple Buyers Number of Customers Size of purchases Geographic Concentration Business to business demand: Derived Demand – demand for business or organizational products caused by demand for consumer goods or services o Demand for Education o Derived Demand for Textbooks o Derived Demand for Paper o Derived Demand for Pulp o Derived Demand for Forestry Products Inelastic Demand - demand in which changes in price have little or no effect on the amount of demand Fluctuating Demand – dependant on consumer demands, breakdown of machines etc. Joint Demand- demand for two or more goods that are used together to create a product. (car manufactures) Types of Business to Business Markets: Producers- orgs that purchase products for use in the production of other goods Resellers- buy finished goods for the purpose of reselling, renting or leasing Total Business Market Producers Resellers Orgs Fishing, agricult. & lumber industries Manuf. Of consumer goods and comp. parts Services, financial, transp. Rest, Hotel health, entert.
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Chapter 6 - Chapter 6: Business-to-Business Markets- How...

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