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Wicca Reconstructed Samhain- is the Celtic new year, its our Halloween and is the day our ancestors come out and you can go to other worlds Sabbat- are eight festivals that occur in intervals throughout the Wiccan Calendar. Book of Shadows- each group of Wiccan has this and says the rituals they should do and what they believe in Burning Times - is the Christian burning of Witches. Dianic Wicca- is primarily a female group of Wicca’s who worship only the Goddesses. Wiccan Rede- is the idea that you shouldn’t hurt anyone else, and if you do something good, you get it three times back. You also get it three times back if you do something bad. Triple Goddess- is the Goddess of the Dianic Wicca. It is three Gods that are as follows
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Unformatted text preview: 1. Maiden who is goddess of beauty and sweetness 2. Mother- goddess of fertility 3. Crone- goddess of old woman Neopaganism- deals with nature worship and is Celtic, they often believe in a God or Goddess. Summerland-is the place you go if you live a really good life and is like a heaven. They believe in reincarnation. Casting a Circle-is the drawing or a circle on the ground, making it a holy place. Beltane-is May 1rst, it’s the celebration of Gods and Goddesses, it’s a time of mating, today they normally just talk about what they want or don’t want. Coven-is a whole group of people getting together this is the name for them Familiar Spirit-is a spirit that obeys witches...
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