Voodoo - puffer fish juice, seems dead, and is buried, then...

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Voodoo- came from the African slave trade and came into Haiti, it’s a combination of Christianity and African Religion. Legba- is the gatekeeper, he opens the gates to the supernatural world and is a messenger of Gods, if he possesses you, it causes you to act like a horse. Damballah- is the rainbow snake God. He represents life and wisdom if he possesses you, you act like a snake Erzillie- is the Goddess of love and sensuality, she is offered alcohol, perfume, and cigarettes. If she possesses you, you do flamboyant dances. Bocor- is the tiny minority of male priests that turn to the dark side and become black magician. They destroy the community and create zombies Rada Worship- is the usual kind of worship, its very peaceful, it’s a call on Gods for health and happiness Petro Rites Worship - is the violent rites and kind of worship, it’s the calling down of war Gods and they do animal sacrifice Corpse Zombie- has to do with the underground justice system in which a person drinks
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Unformatted text preview: puffer fish juice, seems dead, and is buried, then is dug up and put to work as a slave Spirit Zombie-is where you catch a spirit and put it into a bottle Hungan-is a male voodoo priest who can lead worship and call down Voodoo Gods. Mambo-is a female priestess who goes into a trance state and dances Secular Humanism-is a humanist philosophy that upholds reason, ethics, and justice. It typically denies spiritual ideas or supernatural beings Pluralism-describes the idea of peaceful relations between different religions. Inclusivism-states that one religions beliefs are completely true and others are partially true Universalism-is the idea that we all come from the same matter, so we are all family. Atheism-is the belief that there is no God. They also believe in conflict with the truth behind religious scriptures....
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