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Jessica Blackburn Essay Chapter 12 Summary 3/27/08 Chapter 12 “Hollywood in Transition: 1946-65” The film industry hit a slump between the years of 1948 and 1963, spanning all those 15 years. There are a few different reasons that that this occurs and Chapter 12 takes a look at those reasons. The two main ‘forces’ behind the demise of Old Hollywood style started even before the 1948. First off the United States courts decided to rule that the film industry itself was taking part in methods of distribution that was representative of illegal ways of restricting open trade. The film industry was block booking, which proved to be inequitable to individual movie theaters. The block booking method required exhibitors to book many unwanted features in order to get one that they really wanted to show. The next major thorn in the movie industries side would be the television. When the TV came out in the mid 1930’s Hollywood was not impressed or threatened by this new means of entertainment. They believed it to be a substandard form of entertainment compared to
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