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bcor final 1 - Stakeholder Influence a principled or...

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Stakeholder Influence: a principled or pragmatic approach: Obligations and beyond A. An overview of corporate governance: how is a company run, the rules and relevance of financial reporting, and where do stakeholders fit in? B. Shareholders a. Conflicting interest: Issue of executive pay b. Realities of shareholder influence PRESENTATION: Backdating stock options C. Consumers a. Product safety b. Advertising ethics c. Impact of consumer influence PRESENTATION: Marketing Strategies: Harry Potter and Coke D. Employees: discrimination and layoffs a. Discrimination b. Layoffs c. Impact of employee influence PRESENTATION: Class action suit against Wal-Mart E. Environment and a modern approach to sustainability a. Corporate responsibility for the environment PRESENTATION: BP and the Alaska Pipeline b. The global environment: climate change c. The influence of environmental advocates PRESENTATION: Business approaches to climate change F. The community: domestic and global a. Domestic opportunities b. Global challenges to corporate citizenship c. The impact of “communities” PRESENTATION: Future of Microfinance: Grameen Bank vs. ACCION international Values Revisited: Enter Courage PRESENTATION: Whistleblowing Values and a Job: Building a Culture or Finding a Fit: The Role of conscience Corporate governance o Business roundtable- basis of the best practices responsible businesses should follow Maximize profits for shareholders in an ethical and effective manner o Duties of Board of Directors Selection, evaluation, compensation of CEO Plan for management development and succession Oversee and understand corporations strategic plans and monitor the implementation of those plans Understand and approve operating plans and annual budgets Focus on clarity and integrity of financial statements Review and approve significant corporate actions as required by state law Election of officers, dividend declaration, major transactions
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Review management’s plan for resiliency Risk assessment and management Nominate directors and committee members Oversee ethical and legal compliance o Duties of CEO and senior management Operate corporation and apprise board Strategic planning Develop operating plans and budgets Select qualified management and establish organization structure Identify and manage risk Accurate and transparent financial reporting and disclosure Responsible for: o integrity of the financial reporting system o evaluate internal controls over financial reporting and disclosure o certifying accuracy o CEO and senior management are responsible for operating the corporation in an ethical manner . They should never put individual, personal interests before those of the
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bcor final 1 - Stakeholder Influence a principled or...

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