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SCAN0219 - 25 Locard’s Exchange Principle states a an...

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Unformatted text preview: 25. Locard’s Exchange Principle states a. an item can only be exchanged with a receipt b. when two objects come into contact they will leave traces on each other c. a CSI can be exchanged for another if his/her shift is over before the scene is processed 26. Post Accident changes to a vehicle can be caused from a. extrication procedures b. parts being stolen c. witnesses attempting to alter evidence d. all of the above 27. What is the nationwide database of DNA called? a. ANDIS b. CODIS c. MODIS 28. What is the purpose of having a nationwide DNA database? a. to link unsolved cases b. to compare your DNA with that of other lab personnel 0. to match DNA evidence to a known offender d. both a&c 29. Which of the following can be used in the identification of a fire fatality Victim? a. visual b. dental c. x-rays of old injuries (1. fingerprints e. all of the above 30. Which of the following choices is in order of least to greatest cost? a. DNA, fingerprints, dental, visual b. fingerprints, dental, Visual, DNA 0. visual, fingerprints, dental, DNA 31. Apply the energy method to solve the following. On low beams, a car has headlights that clearly illuminate the roadway 155 ft. but no farther. If the coefficient of friction between the road surface and the car’s tires is .65, how fast can the driver go and still be able to brake to a complete stop when his lights first show the deer in the roadway? v = [2gfd]“2 g = 32.17 ft/secz a. 22mph 9136:; b. 35.8mph-H'lsec c.>80.5mph (JP/sec ...
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