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SCAN0180 - Examination focuses on 3 tasks Provide...

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Unformatted text preview: Examination focuses on 3 tasks Provide biological profile or ID '\ - ., ‘ PMImmww ‘d 9““ ( Vis‘ggiifi‘i'ss 8‘} ‘8 l W i 9 8° *Wmfihmna Ca? bones Data regarding death event —- EVidEflCE 0F "tram ma. Processing of the scene Locating remains 36m in o + m. ¥mos+ impofimifipfiq 8 b Ea __ 2‘. \ng’l‘b do fiflgi$wir+€ams : Pm‘fiffi‘ diS‘l‘u’rbo‘ncgs . . Buried renxiflains (023‘ QdQF/mgml 6385““ a carried “Ma Sagfid,5}fiin “171ml ;> a €IO€H'_‘ 58‘ N9? 'brVShES la 3 r r ‘ u \h refit plmfifii insect-s‘ggagmgn+xt+Qi§d§$ Who? «2:: twiliehon OF Examination of remains ‘ Human vs. non—human "i‘tOF "PEOP‘a F orensically important Taphonomic assessment Inventory Condition of remains " sot} fisssoa‘ Reached bcnag Soft tissue examination ‘ inking «Fingerprin’r :3 Developing a biological profile Goals of the profile Narrow down SSCka‘dh Difficulties ~blsnc2'x'n8 of? eilimétias {transgenden harmonas Findings may lead to previously unknown info. Regarding Congenital anomalies ’6 h filP S ”WE Fflm'ik, Patholo donggs‘fic. QbUSE ‘disscxga hiS'l'br‘y Other markers -- oc. ‘ r ~ _ “BU fies”) Cupodwonal “Facts s (frEQPEM- sfltmg/sWdtna‘ Other findings as: ~Perimortem vs. antemortem trauma “‘54.:wa X» fie)“ 0&3 F‘J‘q Blunt vs. sharp force injuries Reconstruction of GSW (skew-ton) Documentation and Chain of Custody « if H— Wctsn‘i— wrii’rah down‘ H‘ di‘dh‘+ mPPEn“ ...
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