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SCAN0183 - Collection of Evidence from victim ~ Squ for DNA...

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Unformatted text preview: Collection of Evidence from victim ~' Squ for DNA 2; midterm. 3 mks, phat-e13 U‘fldi‘” dififirfin’i’ llfil’fi'fiha 3 I‘me‘z‘jSSth Collection of evidence from suspect 36mm, rquJu—e; cwr+ wder 6am€ as For Vid’im Comparison - hcri‘ a Com/whom "joyr— Showfi +5“)! wera‘sn close; proximi W Personal Injury analysis . ‘ Azpfim an] coma dawns“? winner 5 g; om ape/H” «NH-n 213$ (par-song) bias) Analysis of Negligence and Malpractice No injury = no case Fact Witness VS. Expert Witness «VLUrban Entomobaxl" W83 nflfi‘i‘i It? urban/6&7 “(60$ é‘cxrg ofién infamumé hauSEs C+armk+as~ Medicolegal, Forensic Medical Entomology, or Medicocriminal Entomology mac'hes‘)‘ Entomological evidence may be used in a court of law in issues relating to: Criminal cases MOVement of body : bugs are; highly fiscgraph‘xmj ~ indigenous to one, (wea‘bm-no‘r ._ insed‘s urovnd b0 x! from a d; mt— ,Qrga.( “0+ t. h tCE$§c1 ‘ local) Cm indial'l‘i. whfirfizbbc) was bE‘JYOrE % ’ fl“! Qnm‘l’ngr' wound patterns :: lns€d_5 WE. “@I'Ur‘cfllxl “Pagans: 6F insscrs Cm “°“'m°“$*”"“v arms (handsxfl-c‘) Could momma NOV Presence 0 0180118 r . s . ‘" dicta pbugs C% C? them) 00036} MGIUKI'E ‘Pdtsgn it“ "built . F. lhfifid’fi “ll“ $hON (IT‘U S ‘ roll“ I? MY Ql‘C.» in ‘i’hfi‘m $5/‘ugs; :a' _ k ,V Wildlife crlmes 23 F ' C9303. cl coda-cum " indicw’a ’fimi‘é. Of (386% By 0““ng (Important— in Pogdf‘fé nggmmagl Civil cases Agriculture Pesticides Stored products Maths harm‘xs usuolk; <2. monetarxl haw-m roofingr ’i‘ypicai question posed to a Forensic Entomologist is PMI related Two principal approaches are used than PEV‘WCG/Ppyskoj 0mm a(‘Accumulated degree hours or days - om ‘xnfigm— has at thresholé “I'Emp (um ; [cw ) (above ®°~ 59°) , Outside threshcad +601 'énse—‘ais R, - 4 . ' at .. _ t ‘ 3 t (among; stow [pause/arms, éél' Sucgigggionfiufggitgmnse ow §F 816mm“! Was 0“? \nSEC‘l" fimwtha/ dauaio?l'\8 Faunal Succession — based on “Seres” or waves of insect groups associated with certain stages of decay '- Gina/mica response “he body <56ch Staging (flies *3 beetles "Whats -‘> beeHES ”3 \ Spfidi‘s (Lhasa based oh 8805v‘apwscotl arse. ...
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