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The intolerable acts were meant not to punish the colonies as a whole but to punish Massachusetts and make it an example for the rest of the colonies as to what would happen by resisting the British crown. The acts comprised of five pieces had four of them directed at the colonies and one at the newly acquired Quebec from the American Historical prospective the Quebec act is of little importance all though colonists did originally fear that Britain was trying to strengthen Catholicism in Quebec to oppress the colonists the fact is that Catholicism oppressed British Anglican beliefs and for England to do this would have been more contemptible than what William Pitt described George Greenville’s virtual representation as. The Boston Port Act: Closed the port of Boston until the tea had been repaid for The Massachusetts Governance Act: Brought the colony of Massachusetes under British control, the British could appoint members of the colonial government and they also limited town meetings and councils
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