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The Seven Years War was a worldwide conflict which Winston Churchil would later call the first world war. Churchill was correct in that this war was the first time that a conflict had escalated to a world wide battle. In an American History context The Seven Years War is often called the “French and Indian war” named after the British Colonial Empire’s opponents the French and The Indians but this title is a bit misleading as there is evidence that natives fought on both sides of the conflict The conflict actually began between colonial France and colonial England on the American continent, it would then travel backwards in a sense, to Europe where Britain will declare war against France in 1756 and the war will end in 1763 (7 years war) Governor Robert Dinwiddie of Virginia found himself in a predicament. Many merchants had invested heavily in fur-trading in Ohio. If the French made good on their claim to the Ohio Country and drove out the British, then the Virginian merchants would be out of a
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