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Treaty of Paris 1763 The Treaty of Paris , often called the Peace of Paris , or the Treaty of 1763 , was signed on February 10 , 1763 , by the kingdoms of Great Britain , France and Spain , with Portugal in agreement. Together with the Treaty of Hubertusburg , it ended the French and Indian War / Seven Years' War . [1] The treaties marked the beginning of an extensive period of British dominance outside of Europe. [2] While the bulk of conquered territories were restored to their pre-war owners, the British made some substantial overseas gains at the expense of France and, to a lesser extent, Spain. [3] Preferring to keep Guadaloupe , France gave up New France and all of its claims to the territory east of the Mississippi River to Britain. Spain ceded Florida to the British, but later received New Orleans and French Louisiana from France; Manila and Cuba were restored to Spain. France retained Saint Pierre and Miquelon and recovered Guadeloupe , Martinique , and Saint Lucia in exchange for
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