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Great Awakening incomplete - even more ancient(and often...

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Great Awakening: Of the four great awakenings in American History the first was first was from 1730-1740 “Great Awakenings have been marked by the rise of a multitude of new denominations , sects , or even entirely new religions . In addition, completely new belief systems and existing belief systems gained new popularity. Since, by its nature, religion is traditional and hard to change, many new beliefs attempt to circumvent tradition by appealing to
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Unformatted text preview: even more ancient (and often fabricated, or at least distorted) tradition, dismissing current beliefs as either innovations or having lost or corrupted some elements over time.” John Edwards grandson to the Reverend Solomon Stoddard, who sharply criticized the idea of the halfway covenant, preached sinners In the Hand’s of An Angry God in Enfield, CT...
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