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Economic Models I. Production Possibilities a. Summary II. Circular Flow of Economic Activity ( Income ) a. Sectors i. Consumers 1. 70% of economic spending ii. Business Firms 1. 15% of economic spending iii. Government 1. 19% of economic spending iv. Foreign Trade 1. -4% of economic spending b. Markets i. Goods (Product) Market ii. Factor (Labor) Market iii. Financial Markets 1. Bring Together: a. Borrowers b. Savers c. Lenders d. Investors
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Unformatted text preview: c. Income i. Wages and Salaries ii. Rent iii. Interest iv. Profits d. Foreign Exchange (FX) i. Merchandise Trades 1. ex. Cars ii. Services iii. Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) iv. Financial Flows (stocks) 1. For the purpose of international portfolio diversification Trade (Ch. 3) Why do nations engage in trade? Historical perspective Comparative...
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