exam 3 review - 1. The Texas government (state legislature)...

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1. The Texas government (state legislature) has the ability to redraw congressional districts including the districts that comprise the US house A simple majority vote is needed to pass a bill Texas passes a biennial budget (2-year budget), while US Govt. passes a 1-year budget Texas must abide by a balanced-budget and spending-limit amendments to the Texas Constitution, while US Govt. can run budget deficits 2. What make lt. governor so powerful? The Lt. Governor is elected in a statewide election which gives him independence over the senate he also has the power to: a. Appoint Committee Chairs and Members of Committees b. Refers bills to committees i. Has the power to kill or pursue bills according to his own agenda c. Breaks all ties in the senate 3. Populists represents the upper right quadrant of the spectrum (20 democrats and 2 republicans) they support more equality (socialism) and more order (public safety) 4. Between 1970 and 1990 Texas was extremely democratic (but as we were always conservative) in the 1990’s conservative democrats shifted to the republican party and now we are an extremely republican state (parties changed but ideology didn’t) 5. Minority representation in the Texas house and the Texas senate has increased between 1970’s and 1990’s (Minority representation increased in both parties therefore increased in Texas government) 6. 11 Texas senators can block legislation due to the 2/3 rd rule Since 2/3 rd of senate must be present to hear a bill if 1/3 of 31 members (11 senators) are not present the bill can’t pass and the 11 minority senators have blocked the legislation 7. Republicans justified redistricting in 2003 by use of voting patterns that heavily favored republicans. While the voting patterns all favored republicans the democrats still a majority in the US House this was not equally distributed so republicans wanted to put more republicans in the newly redistricted districts - also governor was republican, texas senate was republican and texas house was republican in 03 making redistricting possible 8. Quorum is a Texas Constitutional requirement: 2/3rds of members (21 of 31 members in Senate; 100 of 150 members in the House) required present on the floor of each house to conduct business. It comes from the Texas Constitution Democrats fled to prevent a quorum present to hear redistricting 9. The supreme court ruled in favor of Mid-decade redistricting (redistricting was constitutional) but race could not be a factor in redistricting (just 1 of 32 districts used race as a factor)
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1 of 32 US congressional districts diluted the Hispanic vote: the Texas Legislature will have to add back 100,000 Hispanic residents to one district where there was an intentional effort to decrease the influence of the Hispanic vote. (RACE COULD NOT BE A FACTOR)
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exam 3 review - 1. The Texas government (state legislature)...

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