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Exam 1 Review POLS 1337 Section 13067 Fall 2007 Note: From Chapter 1 in the textbook, the computer in the testing center will randomly select 17 questions from the 22 hints found below. From the lecture on ideology, the computer will randomly-select 28 questions from the 40 hints, and 5 questions of 7 hints associated with the videos. The Topic No. of Questions Introducing Government in America (Ch 1) 17 of 22 Ideology (lecture) 28 of 40 Video Clips 5 of 7 Constitutional Democracy (Ch 1) : What are reasons American democracy has survived for 200+ years; americans have a shared commitment to the Constitution and to the principle "of the people." what term is used interchangeably with representative democracy republic democratic values (find exception in the list of choices) exception is authoritarian rule ; the central measure of a constitutional democracy Individual rights liberty ; what is statism The practice or doctrine of giving a centralized government control over economic planning and policy.
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term used to describe a candidate who receives the most votes, not necessarily 50%+ plurality structural characteristics of American government (find exception in list of choices) principle that holds that everyone has the opportunity to achieve his or her goals equal opportunity issues that American colonists struggled to balance (find exception in list of choices) how many of the original 13 colonies had state-endorsed religions 13 from what document would you find the words, "all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. .."; Declaration of ind. problems associated with the Articles of Confederation; what was the original goal of the Constitutional Convention; amend articles name for constitutional provision that would count slaves as part of the population; 3/5 what Constitutional Convention created to elect president ec ; which parts of country did anti-federalists reside (find exception in list of choices);
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Exam 1 Review - Exam 1 Review POLS 1337 Section 13067 Fall...

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