Test 2 solutions - 5) Complete the following oxidation...

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Test I in CHEM 1020, February 08, 2007 – 25 points total YOUR NAME: LASTNAME, FIRSTNAME (Please spell legibly) 1) Give one constitutional isomer for the given compound. (a) out of a different compound class (1 point) O OH (b) just any constitutional isomer (1 point) H N Et e.g. NH 2 Et 2) Sort the compounds by their decreasing solubility in cyclohexane; give the one with the highest solubility first. (1 point) . OH O O O . > O > OH 3) Name the following compounds (7 points) (a) OH Br 4-bromocyclohexanol (b) O ethyl isopropyl ether (c) OH Me 3-methylphenol (d) O 2-pentanone or methyl propyl ketone (e) O O ethyl acetate
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(f) O - K + O potassium butanoate (g) H O benzaldehyde 4) Complete the following reactions and identify, if possible, the major reaction product. (3 points) (a) OH Cl H 2 SO 4 Cl Cl + (b) H 2 SO 4 OH + major (c) H 2 SO 4 OH no reaction
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Complete the following oxidation /reduction reactions (6 points) (a) KMnO 4 OH O (b) KMnO 4 OH COOH (c) Na 2 Cr 2 O 7 OH O OH (d) O H 1) ADase, NADH 2) H 2 O OH (e) 1) LiAlH 4 2) H 2 O O OH (f) OH + [Ag(NH 3 ) 2 ] + / OH-OH + H O OH O (g) assume you would actually do the reaction described in (f). What would you observe when the reaction proceeds – describe in words? (1 bonus point) formation of a silver mirror 6) Complete the following reactions (3 points) (a) OH O + H + OH O O + H 2 O (b) H OH O + H + MeOH H 2 O + H OMe O (c) Me OH O O-Na + O + H 2 O NaOH + (d) O O + NaHCO 3 O-Na + O + CO 2 + H 2 O 7) Define the compound class for each compound (2 points) O O O O-Na + O H O ester ketone carboxylate aldehyde...
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Test 2 solutions - 5) Complete the following oxidation...

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