study guide gcom last page - and also practice looking at...

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What is the difference between oral and written styles of speech making? When we speak we use simpler sentences then when we write. With an oral speech the audience must cath the speakers meaning immediately, while with a written speech the reader may reread the sentence to understand the meaning. Oral style speeches are more personal and controversial and less formal than written speeches. With an oral speech feedback is immediate from listeners but feedback from readers is delayed and often nonexistent. What impact do various delivery considerations….? Eye contact is important part of gaining and maintaining the attention of your audience. If ones does not make eye contact listerners minds can easily wander. Some ways to improve eye contact is to learn your speech well, so you don’t get pinned to your notes
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Unformatted text preview: and also practice looking at the entire audience. One should strive for vocal variety not a monotone voice. One can avoid attention killing montomy by raising and lowering the pitch of the voice. Chaper 16 pg 477-479 What are the types of supporting materials used in speeches? Chapter 16 pg 482 What purposes do various form of speech meet? Chapter 16 pg 462 What are the critereia for evaluating supporting materials Chapter 16 pg 462 Credibility established Chaper 18 526-527 Persuasion 515 ch. 18 Distinguish 488 ch 17 Persuading audience You should consider an audience background and age. The culture or heritage of an individual is a strong influence on what that individual may think is appropriate to be persuaded. Also age will effect how impratn your issue may be Monroe 538 chapter 18 19) p 529 ch 18...
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study guide gcom last page - and also practice looking at...

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