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FSS WEEK 2 - H&H simply hosed it off and put it back on...

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Bart and Willy are called 4-D men because of what they do. They pick up Dead, Dying, Diseased, and Disabled farm animals and sell them to a rendering plant. Their activities are especially dangerous because they can not only harm themselves with the diseases the animals they deal with carry, but they can also infect the consumers of the infected meat they sell to Higgins and Hancock. After the sick cow is processed at Higgins and Hancock, the skinned head falls off of the conveyor belt onto the filthy, muck covered floor. This could have caused many contamination problems because the cow’s skull could have been exposed to all sorts of little nasties such as E. coli, but instead of discarding it, the employees at
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Unformatted text preview: H&H simply hosed it off and put it back on the line. That’s just disgusting, and most likely, it is the cause of Becky’s illness if there was not already any foodborne illness in the cow to begin with. The onion ring grill is not a very well organized one. When the restaurant was packed, as it was on the night Dr. Reggis and Becky went there, the grill cook was having trouble keeping patties resting on the grill surface, and instead ending up with uncooked patties resting on “fully cooked” ones. Not only that, but the risk involved in getting the food out to the customers caused him to make mistakes in cooking the burgers fully, a dangerous move on his part....
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