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Mad Cow Disease, or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy, probably originated from contaminated bone and meal feed being fed to cattle. It is caused by an abnormal protein caused a prion that affects the central nervous system. Experts suspect it was caused by a similar disease called scrapie which occurs in sheep. Conditions like the ones that originally spawned BSE also exist in the US, despite regulations against rendered sheep meal being fed to livestock. Advanced Recovery Systems can be very dangerous in the production of hamburger because it can contaminate perfectly safe meat with scrapings that contain BSE prions, due to the process in which what little remaining meat is left on the cow’s skull and spinal cord is removed. There are rules on the percentage of bone matter that can be incorporated into ground beef with AMR products, but the whole process is very dangerous to the consumer. Symptoms of
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Unformatted text preview: Mad Cow include twitching and increasing memory problems. At Higgins and Hancock, the ground beef patties are made by coarse grinding fresh & frozen meat and then combining them in a formulation blender to make batches. They are then fine ground and put in 2,000 pound bins called “combo bins”. From the combo bins, the ground beef is taken by conveyor belt to the patty-formulation machine, which is in a separate room to keep it clean and protect it. After forming, the patties are nitrogen frozen and hand packed into boxes. Toxin did not really make me nervous about eating beef, but ServSafe certainly did. There are so many disgusting microorganisms that can make people incredibly sick, or incredibly dead. It’s a distressing thought....
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