FSS WEEK 3 - on her abdomen. By Thursday, Becky’s...

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FSS WEEK 3 There is definitely no such thing as the stomach flu. Influenza is a respiratory virus. The reason that people usually brush off the symptoms of foodborne illness as“stomach flu” is because the symptoms of many foodborne illnesses are very similar to flu symptoms. Becky’s FBI progresses very quickly. On Saturday, she has cramps and very little appetite, along with diarrhea. Then on Sunday, she develops nausea and vomiting and looks very pale. On Monday, Becky's cramps become more severe, and she begins to see blood in her diarrhea, which becomes worse on Tuesday when she hemorrhages. This is where Becky’s health starts to seriously deteriorate. On Wednesday, She begins to lose platelets in her blood, her heartbeat quickens, and she is weak. She has a high fever, and develops purpura
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Unformatted text preview: on her abdomen. By Thursday, Becky’s internal organs start to fail. Her kidneys are the first to go, her blood gasses deteriorate, and she stops breathing, and continues to lose platelets. HUS stands for Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome. It is associated with the toxins produced by E. coli 0157:h7 which cause red blood cell destruction, and major organ failure. It starts by affecting the kidneys, which is where the Uremic part of HUS comes from. Dr. Reggis says “it’s hard to see her lying there and so vulnerable” because Becky is his daughter, and he feels like he is responsible for her condition. Also, he is not used to seeing Becky weakened. There are numerous references to Becky losing her youthful exuberance, and Dr. Reggis is not used to that....
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FSS WEEK 3 - on her abdomen. By Thursday, Becky’s...

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