EDHD notes april 2nd

EDHD notes april 2nd - Adolescent contraceptive use recent...

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EDHD notes 4/2/08 Boys Girls Early Maturing -Popular - unpopular - confident, independent - withdrawn, low confidence - positive body image negative body image - more deviant behavior Late maturing - unpopular - popular - anxious, talkative, attention-seeking - sociable, lively - negative body image - positive body image Dating in adolescence - Emerges from mixed- sex cliques - cliques hang out - several couples form and do things together - individual couples - changes throughout adolescence - early: recreation, group activities, shallow intimacy - gradually look for more intimacy - too early dating related to legal, academic problems Sexual activity in adolescence -recent decline in sexual activity - substantial percentage sexually active: approx 70% by age 19 -males start earlier than females - few partners - American, Canadian rates same as other western countries
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Unformatted text preview: Adolescent contraceptive use- recent increase in contraceptive use- still, 20 % of Americans still do not use- reasons for not using- concern about image- adolescent risk taking- social environment- forced intercourse Adolescent pregnancy- 900,000 American teen girls became moms each year, 30,000 under the age of 15- 40-45% get abortions- 75% of teen mother unmarried. Problems:- educational achievement- marital patterns - economic circumstances- parenting skills and ability In the News: Abstinence- Virginity pledges- delay the initiation of sexual activity, marry at younger ages, and have fewer sexual partners Good sexual education:- provides accurate, evidence- based info- offers information in context- is age appropriate- acknowledges our individuality- meets people “where they’re at”- is engaging...
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EDHD notes april 2nd - Adolescent contraceptive use recent...

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