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University of Southern California Department of Petroleum Engineering Fall, 2007 PTE-461 Formation Evaluation Section 5: “Saturation Logs” Electrical Measurements Resistivity, Induction, & Dielectric Logs Old Log Correction Exercise Solutions Donald G. Hill, Ph.D. California Registered Geophysicist 170 California Registered Geologist 6043 Kentucky Registered Professional Geologist 1624 Texas Licensed Professional Geophysicist 6289 Consulting Petrophysicist: Petrophysics, Shallow Geophysics, Borehole Geophysics, and Subsurface Geology Planning, Oversight, and Interpretation 1012 Hillendale Ct +(925) 437-5748 Cell Walnut Creek, CA +(309) 420-7354 FAX USA 94596 +(925) 947-1541 Home http://www.hillpetro.com
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