BMI_Lab4Photometry - Laboratory IV Title: Photometry and...

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Laboratory IV Title: Photometry and Writing a Lab Report This lab has two activities. Students must have a laptop for this lab. 2 students per group for Photometry, 1 student per group for Writing a Lab Report. ACTIVITY 1 Topic: Photometry Principle : 0.2M Acetate buffer, pH 4.0 [unionized, weak acid] 0.2M KH 2 PO 4 /NaOH buffer, pH 7.4 [partially ionized, weak acid + conjugate base] 0.2M Carbonate buffer, pH 10.0 [ionized, conjugate base] 0.2mM p-Nitrophenol Objective : a) To determine the extinction coefficient or molar absorptivity of p-Nitrophenol. b) To determine the pKa for the dissociation of p-Nitrophenol . Materials : 1. Acetate buffer pH 4 3 Test tubes Marker 2. Carbonate buffer pH 10 1 Test-tube rack Pipettor (green) 3. Phosphate buffer pH 7.4 1 x 1ml pipette Waste beakers 4. Distilled water 3 x 5 ml pipette Laptop (students must bring their own) 5. p-Nitrophenol.0.2mM 6 Cuvettes (visible range) Spectrophotometer Procedure: 1. Check that you have all the material above (except Spectrophotometer which will be shared) that you need at your work station. You work in groups of 2 for this activity. 2. Label test tubes using sharpie marker. 1) Acetate buffer pH 4. 2) Carbonate buffer pH 10. 3) Phosphate buffer pH 7.4. 3. Pipette 1ml (
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BMI_Lab4Photometry - Laboratory IV Title: Photometry and...

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