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Hist 1001 Test1 - 8-30-07Index card with picture and...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-30-07Index card with picture and signature name hometown major and favorite bookChapter 1Emergence of CivilizationPaleolitic- Old stone age- People lived as hunters and gathers- Nomatic- Small Groups- Some lived in caves( cave paintings w/ minerals)Neolithic- New stone age- Learned to smooth stones for weapons - Different Places and different times- Learned to plant and grow- First Evolutionary Farmers- 2ndEvolutionary Ditch Diggers- Tamed animals- Herded Sheep- Built houses to live & Storage Houses for FOOD- Made pottery- Beginning of man goes out woman stays in- 8000 BC--- Sahara was fertile Land began to dry up- People Moved East(- Fertile Crescent- Eastern Medit.- Around TurkeyPersian Gulf)- Mesopotamia ( Iraq) Land Between the rivers- First CIV. Were Egypt and MesopotamiaI.Culturea.-patterns of behaviors that are deliberately passed on from one generation to anotherb.You can have culture without having civilizationII.6 main early civilizations a.Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq) i.Evolved about 3000 B.C.b.Egypti.Evolved about 3000 B.C.c.Indus Valleyi.Evolved about 3000 B.C. but didnt really fully develop until about 1500 B.C.ii.Early cities in India: Harappa & MohenjorDaro. Destroyed by natural disasters. They had large defensive walls.d.Chinai.Evolved about 2000 B.C.ii.Northern China about 4000 years ago had cities with large defensive walls, palaces and large tombs.iii.Ruled by a warrior aristocracyiv.Shang Dynasty rules China from 1760-1122 B.C. replaced by the Zhou/Chou Dynasty. They had mud houses, raised sheep and barley, and had bronze tools.e.Central Asia (modern Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan) Map on page 6i.Evolved about 2000 B.C.ii.Prosperous agricultural communityf.Perui.Evolved about 2600 B.C.ii.Cabral ancient city in western Peru iii.Stepped pyramids assumed to be used for some form of worshipiv.Buildings made of stone with plastered walls.v.People in center of the city had larger stone building (rich)vi.People on the outside had wood house (poor)vii.Grew squash and cottonCivilization In Mesopotamia - Begins at Sumer ( 3000 BC)- City States- each had own king and gov.- Temples to the Gods- Ziggurats- Theocracy- Gods rules through priests ( Devine Right)- King Ship ( Ruled in dynasty)- Agricultural economy- Some trade( India, Eastern Shore of Medit.)- Building Material out of Mainly mud & Brick.Empires In Ancient Mesopotomia - Early dynastic stage ( 3000-2340 BC)- Instability, Warfare between city states- Akkadian Empire( 2340-2100 BC)- Sargon Placed in basket adopted by farmers- Third dynasty of UR (2112-2000 BC)- Amorites- Semitic language- came from the east- Hammurab(1792-1750 BC) - Ruled by the Bablyonian KingdomIII.Characteristics of Civilizationa.Urban focus, had to be in city to know what is going onb.Distinct religious Structure, religion was main part of societyc.Political and military structuresd.Social structure based on economic power, richer you are the more likely you are to have social power....
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Hist 1001 Test1 - 8-30-07Index card with picture and...

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