Notes - ARCH 3005 History of Architecture Ancient to...

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Midterm Oct 20 in class Final Dec 16 @ 7:30 Textbook- Buildings Across Time Nicholas Grimshaw – Eden Project o Architect out of London o Located in Cornwall in Great Britain o Same latitude as New Finland, very warm climate for being as far north as it is o Great deal of cultural anthropology involved o Functions as a large green house that contains different pieces. Each piece has a different environment with different plants etc. o Very technologically advanced- technology shows a lot about the community. Cultures think about themselves and organize themselves so that they can produce things. Production is the most basic thing of a culture. o Built about 10 years ago- o Design is derived from what it is meant to do, not simply to look like a worm. o Built in an active quarry. o Designed as a series of spheres, so he didn’t need to redesign when adding parts to the building. Union Tank Car facility- R Buckminster Fuller o Located in Baton Rouge o Geodesic Dome- for awhile was the largest form o Used to paint chemical tank cars, drive trains through. o Very large structure and extremely efficient. o His measure of the success of a building was how much does it weigh. o He concluded we could build cities in spheres (about 2 miles), there would be an enormous amount of air, the sun would warm the air in the dome, pressure changes and the city could easily float. Architecture is the creation of empathetic forms which support- and perhaps question- the structures of belief and power (legitimization) in any given society as they shelter and ennoble people and their activities. Architectural forms are anchored to out perceptions of the natural world (beliefs) in ways which interpret these perceptions in support of structures of power and belief, i.e. the client. o Nuclear family- evolved from the industrial revolution. The father’s labor could be extracted from the family and sold in the market place. o Usually we think the nuclear family as two parents, two children. They do this by creating languages of form (empathy) which address the movement and the position of the body in space. This has been a great source of power and effect in the architecture of the past. o
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Notes - ARCH 3005 History of Architecture Ancient to...

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