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3-31-08 - Global Inequality 1 Historic division of the...

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3-31-08 Global Inequality 1. Historic division of the globe 2. How is global inequality examined today? 3. What is the relationship between global and internal (with a specific nation) stratification? a. Global stratification is much higher or severe than internal stratification Global inequality and wealth 1. The inequality is much more severe with high population expansion coupled with low economic productivity – the community lacks opportunities 2. Wealth and poverty is relative a. Population is large factor b. Access to education c. Access to education d. Corruption among government 3. Two types of poverty a. Relative poverty – in poverty relative to others, not needed for survival, but makes life more comfortable, ect. b. Absolute poverty – lack resources that are needed for day to day survival i. Long term survival
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c. most in the US is relative poverty, not absolute Effects of poverty 1. Poverty and children a. Has the most severe effects on younger children b.
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