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Vocab. for Final - Portico- Colonnaded porch Mausoleum (or...

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Portico - Colonnaded porch Mausoleum (or mausolea)- buildings erected to contain elaborate(or regular) tombs for important people , S. Costanza is an example of one of them. Carolingian - early renaissance building resulting from Charlemagne tympanum - semi-circle panel created under arch of doorway, used in St. Foy, Conques (pg 212) sexpartite transepts - 2 arches in colonnade under one rib vault. Ex. is Lincoln Cathedral (pg. 251) arcade - a passage or walkway covered over by a succession of arches or vaults supported by columns, or else it is a covered passage fronted by a series of arches. transept - north and south arms of basilican church pediment - gable end of a temple, framed by cornices stylobate - a platform on which colonnades of columns are placed (it is the "floor" of the temple). apse - a semicircular recess covered with a hemispherical vault. In Romanesque, Byzantine and Gothic Christian abbey, cathedral and church architecture, the term is applied to the semi-circular or polygonal section of the sanctuary at the liturgical east end beyond the altar. Thermae - Roman baths Basilica - King’s Hall Voussoirs - wedge shaped stones used in building arches palaestra - large Roman exercise facility with swimming pools and open-air theatres that
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Vocab. for Final - Portico- Colonnaded porch Mausoleum (or...

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