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History 1001 test 3

History 1001 test 3 - Test 3 Monday 9:34 AM Hellenistic...

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Test # 3 Monday, October 15, 2007 9:34 AM Hellenistic Greece The Rise of Macedonia o Aristotle from Macedonia; 2nd region of Macedonia has high mountains covered with a dense forest, has snow, gets cold and lot of rainfall o Not a good climate to grow grapes or olives but has lots of forests. Good for wood and timber- to build ships o Macedonians live in tribal units; for the most part they are not united, live in tribes o Macedonians spoke their own language that is related to Greek- but its their own language o Shared aspects of Greek culture- probably worshiped the same gods as the Greeks- stories of Homer were read. o Macedonians seen as uneducated- the butt of Greek jokes- not really Greek like Barbarians o Philip of Macedon tutored by Aristotle after he left Athens and Plato A tribal King in Macedonia- he begins to unify the Macedonians- through conquest and mortality, also through fighting the foreigners; he is able to unify all the tribes under his power, he creates a kingdom very loyal to himself and battle the foreign elements. Some of the threats were from Thrace- neighbor of Macedonia-allied to Athens In the mean time, Athens are worried but not fearful because they think that Macedonians are weak and a non-threat Demosthenes- a writer who launches a series of anti-Philip speeches- but the Athenians didn’t listen and Philip eventually invades southern Greece and they fall. Battle happened in 338 BC The Battle of Cyraina- Athens and surrounding allies were conquered by Philip- he went into the Battle with his son Alexander- also tutored by Aristotle Quickly gains control of the Peloponnese and all of the Greece is united under one major power Starts planning an attack of Persia to get revenge on Xerxes and he is stabbed in the back by his body guard in 336 BC at his daughters wedding Greeks city/states revolt
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o Olympias- a Thracen princess- Philip of Macedonia's wife- he is now prince of Macedonia and Thrace o Alexander the Great Son of Philip and Olympias He becomes king at 20 years old after his father's murder Goes after some of the potential traitors to his father and surprises the Macedonia's because of the job he did once he got under power Decides to launch an attack on Greece to settle the revolts of the city- states, he picks the city-state of Thebes and attacks it and orders is burnt and all the inhabitants killed- he saves 1 house- house of Hindar Alexander's favorite poet. Sends out message saying "if you still revolt I will do to you what I did to Thebes" In 3 months he was able to take total control, and follows his fathers wishes of attacking the Persians and conquering the Persian empire 30,000 troops, fast loyal army made up of Greek hoplites, led by an elite force of 5,000- a mass cavalry 10 years of campaigning they cover more than 10,000 miles and he is extremely successful.
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History 1001 test 3 - Test 3 Monday 9:34 AM Hellenistic...

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