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Unformatted text preview: 3-5-08 Sex- biological, physiological makeup Gender social expectations or characteristics than go along with gender Transgender people who are transvestites, hermaphrodites Transvestite man or woman who dresses like the opposite ; usually not gay Drag- queen or king usually the gay transvestites Trans-sexual someone who manipulates their body to be the opposite sex Learn to act like a man or woman through agents of socialization TV, parents, school, ect Laughing, violence, ect. Towards someone acting like another gender is brought about from the rigid social norms of society Gender is a process something you learn, do, and practice Gender in an institutional way Family ex. Mom cooking inside, dad on the grill... patterns that you do not question Work patterned processes that become structured or institutionalized o i.e. female secretaries and male construction workers gender is also a system of stratification (system of inequality) women get paid less than women gender and age ex. 16 year old boy... fights, work out, lots of sex, ect...different from 70 yr old man gender and social class money, sports...golf vs bowling..ect social and race.... gender is a social construction it is learned through our culture and society gender is intimately linked with power and privilege ...
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