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other 2-25-08...

other 2-25-08... - different kinds of zebras could be...

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2/25/08 - Race o Social Scientists say that race and gender is what we call a master Status. o They will play a part in almost every interaction that we have. Txt 198. o A race is a group of people who are believed to be a biological group. They share generically transmitted traits that are defined as important. “Believed to be” *** “traits that are defined as important.” *** Not a very good def according to most sociologists. Their def is more along the lines of : a category of people treated as distinct based on physical characteristics, to which social importance has been assigned. Long ass example of priest in Africa. o Race is a social construction. o Biologists rarely use “race” they tend to use it for a synonym for “subspecies” Biological def of race is an interbreeding population with genetic characterizes that differ from other populations. Ex. 3 diff kinds of zebras, to the untrained eye, they all look alike, but have 3 diff kinds of stripes and etc. they do not interbreed with each other. These 3
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Unformatted text preview: different kinds of zebras could be described as 3 diff races. As humans there is no biological barrier to breeding. • The only barriers to human breeding, is geographical distance and social distance. There are no biological barriers. o The way we use race, has changed for humans other time. o In folk def, started in the 1500’s, Euro powers going out to other continents, exploring these continents and sticking flags in the ground and saying this is mine. Big 3 folk def. • Caucasian/ white/ Indo-European • Negroid • Mongoloid o Describing people from E. Asia o Describing people with yellow skin or red skin. o Epicanthic Fold Giving the appearance of having slanty” eyes. o Today the US census bureau uses 5 different classifications to classify race. White/Caucasian African American Asian/ Pacific Islanders Native American Eskimo/ Inuit...
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other 2-25-08... - different kinds of zebras could be...

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