Sociology+3-28-08 - Consequences of Social Class 1 Test two...

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Consequences of Social Class 1) Test two chapters 4,5,6 2) They have the disrespect to come in 40 minutes late then get on the cell- phone 3) Family life a) The better your social class is, the less negatives that are associated b) Each social class has its own benefits and drawbacks c) Being in the upper class leads to financial security d) Upper class family life i) Much higher marriage stability ii) Your market of marital individuals is much smaller iii) Normative prescriptions against marrying down e) Education i) Very different as social class increases ii) Private education for families that are more financially set iii) Private education in some cases (1) Better technology and equipment (2) Class – ability to find higher education iv) No need for student loans leads to better ability to make money out of school f) Religion i) Interesting trends ii) In American society we tend to find that membership in the lower class carries with it higher probability of protestant denominations iii) More expressive religious dynamics iv) Higher social class leads to certain different protestant religions, Judaism, Catholicism or so g) Politics i) Higher social class – conservative and vote republican
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ii) Lower social class – democrats and liberals iii) Middle class or just below them tend to take on the hybrid of liberal with economic issues and conservative with social issues h) Physical Health and mental health i) The higher your social class, the better your physical and mental health tends to be ii) Mental health tends to be better iii) No preventative medicine for lower classes
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Sociology+3-28-08 - Consequences of Social Class 1 Test two...

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