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Sociology+3-24-08 - Chapter 6 1 Social Stratification a...

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Chapter 6 1) Social Stratification a) What is social stratification? i) One part of a society is going to have a disproportionate share of something of value ii) That item will vary from society to society iii) Based on economic resources (1) Who has the most money iv) Control of economic resources means control over political, educational, etc b) Will be based on four principles i) Idea that it is a characteristic of society, not a reflection of individual differences (1) Overall structure of the society ii) Persists over generations (1) Our social position is given by our parent’s generation to us etc. (2) Social mobility may be present, but in some societies it’s more difficult than others (3) Social position is somewhat an ascribed status early in life iii) A universal concept, but it may vary (1) Any society is going to have some level of stratification (2) The more stratification there is, the more differences there will be iv) Stratification is belief or ideology, not just inequality
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