Test 1 Review - Part 1

Test 1 Review - Part 1 - 1. The Sociological Imagination...

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1. The Sociological Imagination (January 16, 2008) a. Video Opener- Mardi Gras i. Sociologists can see much more than just the visual parts of the parade. They evaluate many different aspects of the parade and can gather ideas about structure and people in the parade, for example, how the people are dressed, how many of each group, where in the parade order they are placed and the different social classes and minorities. ii. Sociologists take their own opinions and biases and correct them or fix them with what they are able to view. 2. Lecture Notes Chapter 1: The Sociological Perspective a. “The world belongs to me because I understand it” –Honore de Balzac b. Sociologists wonder why and how when we make changes, it changes social behavior. c. What is Sociology? i. Sociology is a systematic study of human society. (In other words, we’re not doing this half- heartedly. We use science to see how social groups interact) d. Characteristics of Sociology i. Sociology is regarded to be a science. (Most important way that we have to look at it. We have to do it through observation and research and have to follow certain basic scientific principles. Have to be able to factually observe it through one of our five senses.) Because we see sociology as a science, we seek the obligation to share our findings with an audience. We do this for political reasons, to measure social change and to make sure that our findings are accurate. ii. Sociology is also a social science. (We try to use the methods used in natural science to study human behavior. This is a little more difficult because it is studying inside yourself and your culture. It is more objective.) The natural sciences are much more neater in terms of studying. Social science changes much more rapidly, but it takes much longer for natural science ideas to change. Depending on which society your looking at, your going to find changes. iii. Sociology is concerned with the study of human social behavior. (Psychology is concerned with a certain person’s behavior and what they do. Sociology is concerned with social behavior and why society does what is does and how we relate and interact. It may be on an individual level, or about a whole group of people.) e. The Global Perspective i. Societies differ from time to time and place to place. It may be dictated by geographic or political boundaries. It takes on worldwide. ii. Societies around the world are becoming more interconnected. 100 years the only way to communicate was by telegram, 30 years ago my telephone and not up until recently, online communication. Our society is becoming much more connected. iii. Social problems are universal. (They may vary in terms of intensity or how many people are affected, but still exist. The problems are the same, but the context may not be. For example, poverty) iv. Gives us further insight into our own culture. (Can look into other cultures and compare what and how they do things into ours.) When we look at things in a global perspective, we tend to
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Test 1 Review - Part 1 - 1. The Sociological Imagination...

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