Concrete Projects- lecture 1

Concrete Projects- lecture 1 - Price& McLanahan...

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LECTURE 1- CONCRETE Theater of Pompeii 55 B.C. Temple of Apollo 36 to 28 B.C. Arch of Augustus 19 B.C. Mausoleum of Augustus 28 B.C. Theater of Marcellus Temple of Vesta 14 B.C. Roman Aquaducts Roman Roads Pantheon Ward House, R. Mook, 1873, New York Francois Hennebique, Bourg-le-Reine House, 1904Paris, France
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Unformatted text preview: Price & McLanahan, Marlborough-Blenheim Hotel1905, Atlantic City Thomas Edison, Monolithic House, 1906, New Jersey Anatole de Baudot, St. Jean de Montmarte, 1905, Paris, France Antonio Gaudi, Casa Mila, 1910, Barcelona, Spain Erich Mendelson, Einstein Tower, Potsdam1919-20...
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