Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Race and Ethnicity Race Myths and...

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Chapter 9 – Race and Ethnicity Race: Myths and Reality 1. Race Superiority a. Idea that one race is biologically, socially, or politically better than the other b. Being born into one race does not make anyone socially superior c. Every race has geniuses and idiots d. Ideology – way to justify oppression of a group e. Can have serious repercussions i. Genocide 2. There are no “Pure races” a. Individuals show a variety of characteristics attributable to many races b. Intermingled among races - globally c. Races we see are part of environmental adaptation Race – biological distinction 1. Develop out of biological evolution 2. Effects of Migration a. Genetic mixture b. Biological differences are less and less obvious as time goes on c. Interracial births d. Direct result of global migration Types of Races 1. Three Main types: a. White (Caucasian) b. Black (African) c. Asian (mongoloid) 2. Individuals are representative of more than one group 3. Multiple racial classifications 4. Societies create a racial/social hierarchy a. Usually Caucasians at top b. Can get very complicated and extensive c. No scientific basis, completely ideological Ethnicity – a cultural distinction 1. Based on a shared cultural heritage 2. Ancestors, language, etc 3. Differs from race – cultural not biological 4. Uniqueness of Ethnicity a. Race tends to be ascribed b. Sometime ethnicity also, but can also achieve ethnicities c. Can have multiple ethnic statuses d. Can change e. Matter of choice Majority and Minority Groups 1. Majority group – has social power a. Dominant group b. Being majority doesn’t necessarily mean you have majority numerically c. Can be based on race, religion, gender 2. Minority group – lacks social power a. Subordinate group 3. Apartheid in South Africa – white
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Interactions b/t minority groups: Genocides – intentional extermination of a minority group (Holocaust) Expulsion Slavery Segregation Assimilation – absorbed into the dominant population, can be either forced or voluntary (Native Americans) - Boarding schools to assimilate into American culture (prohibited from engaging in Indian culture) - Languages and customs disappear on a massive scale - Difficult to hold on the being American Indian today Prejudice – based on a belief, belief structure 1. Often times goes hand in hand w/ discrimination 2. Rigid and irrational generalizations 3. Works as a way to justify discriminatory behaviors 4. Acts as an ideology 5. The Positive and Negative a. Typically negative attitudes b. A matter of perspective c. Positive b/c it reinforces own superiority, better than that person i. Highlighting our own virtues d. Negative b/c it condemns those different from ourselves
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Race and Ethnicity Race Myths and...

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