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1-23-08 - History 1001 I Empire Building p 19 Inscription...

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History 1001 January 23, 2008 I. Empire Building p. 19 Inscription – something someone has posted and made public Audience – public, people that Assyrians just conquered Tiglath – pilsar o Claims to be very powerful, highly exalted (you are going to read this because I am important) Ruler, judge, claims good relationship with Ashur Says he conquered people who opposed Ashur Reason for this – intimidate people; justify war efforts (higher taxes) Along with inscription, there were probably pictures to go along with it because few could read II. The Babylonian Genesis p. 24 Where did the world come from? Battle between Marduk and Tiamat Marduk won and used Tiamat’s body to make the sky and the earth. o Created constellations that looked like gods This story shows us that humans were created as servants to the gods. They are called savage servants. Shows that these are violent people; they study the stars because they know the constellations and the
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