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Sociology 2001-3 Name: ______________________ Quiz #4 Student ID:___________________ March 24, 2008 Score: _______/20 Do Not Circle the entire answer or write the letter of your answer on the test. 1. 1_______ is an approach to crime control that attempts to resocialize criminals. A. Rehabilitation B. Retribution C. Incarceration D. Deterrence 2. 1________ Deviance will refer to repeated norm violations and will result in the offender taking on a deviant identity. A. Primary B. Secondary C. Stigma D. Criminal 3. 1Deviance is a constant, every society at every time will have a common definition of what is and is not deviant. A. True B. False 4. 1Crimes committed by persons of high social position in the course of their occupations are called ________. A. Blue Collar Crimes B. Occupational Crimes C. White Collar Crimes D. Insider Crimes 5. 1There are two components to a criminal action, the act or ________ and the intent or ________. A.
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