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Sociology 2001-3 Name: ______________________ Quiz #3 Student ID:___________________ March 7, 2008 Score: _______/20 Do Not Circle the entire answer or write the letter of your answer on the test. 1. __________ are groups that we use to evaluate ourselves and to acquire attitudes, values, beliefs and norms A. Social Groups B. Primary Groups C. Secondary Groups D. Reference Groups 2. Secondary groups tend to be small in size with members who share personal and enduring relationships A. True B. False 3. When an individual makes a connection between two social networks, we refer to this as a _________ tie. A. Binding B. Coordinating B. Linking D. Bridging 4. A ______ is a social group who requires its member’s complete loyality A. Outgroup B. Kinship Group C. Ingroup D. Primary Group 5. A dyad will be more stable than a triad. A. True B. False 6. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a bureaucracy? A. Stress on Verbal Communication
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Unformatted text preview: B. Rationalization C. Hierarchy of Offices D. Impersonality 7. 1Under which conditions will a person have more power in a social network. A. When the network is dense in structure. B. When the network is weak in structure . C. When they have a lower social position than other members. D. None of the above. 8. A ______________________________ leadership role will stress getting things done, rather than a focus on the well being of the group. (Instrumental/Task) 9. A priest ministering to inmates at Angola prison is MOST likely to view the prison and his/her existence there as a ________________________ organization. (Normative/Voluntary) 10. A person using _____________________________ leadership style will seek to include all into the decision making process, thereby drawing on the creative resources of the group. (Democratic) Good Luck !!...
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