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07_10_22 Chem 6A Section notes-1

07_10_22 Chem 6A Section notes-1 - -Mixtures o Solute goes...

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Section review notes Fund C-K 10.22.07 - Know the charges of your common ions o Cations- fig C6 p. F26 o Anions- fig C7 p. F27 - Nomenclature o Look at handout o Know other common anions table D1 p.F31 and in Dr. Hoeger’s nomenclature packet - Molar mass o Average molar mass: - Avogadro’s number (in 1 mole) : 6.022 x 10 23 molecules, atoms, formula units - Mass % = - Determine empirical and molecular formulas o Convert to moles (if given mass %, assume 100g total) o Divide by smallest mole value o Eliminate fractions o Multiply by factor to = molecular weight - Molarity o c = o o Dilutions- stays constant o
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o o is the final volume, so if asked how much water is needed to dilute to desired concentration, the amount required is liters - Write out chemical equations o Combustion reaction o Ex. Combustion of propane:
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Unformatted text preview: -Mixtures o Solute goes into the solvent o Given solubility rules (table I1 p. F69)- need to know how to use it o Be able to balance overall eq, write complete ionic, net ionic equations-Strong electrolytes-Weak electrolytes-Strong acids and bases-ID acids and bases o Acids- proton donor HA H 3 O + + A- BOH OH-+ B +-Assign oxidation numbers o Elements = 0 o Sum of oxidation #’s = total charge o H: =1 with nonmetals, -1 with metals o Group 1 & 2: group # o Halogens: -1, F: always -1 (priority at the top of the group) o O: -2-Oxidation/reduction o LEO GER Lose Electrons Oxidized • Oxid #↑ • Serves as reducing agent Gain Electrons Reduced • Oxid #↓ • Serves as oxidizing agent...
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07_10_22 Chem 6A Section notes-1 - -Mixtures o Solute goes...

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