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Week 7a - Deubussy and Stravinsky Last time o turn of 20th...

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11/13/2007 Deubussy and Stravinsky Last time o turn of 20 th century and birth of modernism o shift from late Romantic into modernist traditions o Mahler and Schoenberg Germanic tradition o Wagner Influential, Mahler took from him, Schoenberg from Mahler o Now: late 20 th century France Claude Debussy (1862-1918) – Prelude a l’apres d’un faune [1894] (Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun) o Wanted to break away with what Wagner had established o Break away Romantics: strong emotions, abstract: words, visual art Direct way to communicate strong emotions Disagreed with this Thought music could better evoke an atmosphere Set a mod Music could rely in not a direct in your face sort of thing, but more of an allusion o Influenced Impressionism Claude Monet, Eduardo Monet Fine arts
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Paintings: little fragments of color that are not combined on the palette but put directly into the painting o Opposed to mixing them on a palette Chunks up close, but when you stand back the eye makes it all clearly replicated Your eye sees something as a variety of colors and parts Images of the outdoor, boats on a lake Symbolism Stephane Mallarme [1842-1898] Wrote the poem Afternoon of a Faun , most famous work o
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