Week 9a

Week 9a - 11/27/2007 Jazz Today o Break from classical o...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/27/2007 Jazz Today o Break from classical o Jazz Jazz o So many different meanings and style o Original American art form Wasnt important from Europe o Originated in earlier 20 th century in African American communities Most notably New Orleans True birth place Major advancement in jazz has been done by African Americans o Comes from conflict of West African musical traditions from slaves and European traditions European: hymns New England, Protestant Spirituals Popular music Military Instrument: o Saxophone, trombone West African Melodic Tribal o Origin of word Lots of theories First time was used in musical context in 1917 Original Pixie Land Jazz o Precurssors Cake walk AA form of music and dance Parody of formal European ballroom with West African dance Winner was given a piece of cake Takes the cake Started in the slave populations, later popular among all segments of society Late 18 th century Ragtime Maple Leaf Rag, Entertainer by Joplin Style of piano playing where the left hand would play jumping on the beat while the right hand played syncopated off beat o Ragging Blues Came out of West African response traditions Subject matter that talked about hardtimes, but was supposed to be uplifting Later took on 12 bar standardized form Classic rock: blues was essential building ingredient o British bands: Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, etc. o Elements of Jazz Syncopation An accent or stress on a normally unstressed beat Much easier to hear it than to talk about it o i.e. Meter/time signature & 4,4 o Natural stresses in the 44 meter on the 1 and 3 beat o Syncopate to 2! And 4! Beat o i.e. scale of 8 o Syncopate by playing accent on second 8 th note and change so notes arent entirely even o 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 Rudolph o i.e. straight, just played whats on page o Syncopate o Speed up, much more refreshing Improvisation Spontaneous creating something in music...
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Week 9a - 11/27/2007 Jazz Today o Break from classical o...

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