may 4th 04 test

may 4th 04 test - MATH 140 Final Exam NAME STUDENT NUMBER...

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NAME Final Exam STUDENT NUMBER May 04, 2004 INSTRUCTOR SECTION NUMBER This examination will be machine processed by the University Testing Service. Use only a number 2 pencil on your scantron. On your scantron identify your name, this course (Math 140) and the date. Code and blacken the corresponding circles on your scantron for your student I.D. number and class section number. Code in your test form. There are 15 multiple choice questions worth a total of 90 points. For the problems 1 to 15, five possible answers are given, only one of which is correct. You should solve the problem, circle the letter of your answer in the exam form and blacken the corresponding space on the scantron . Mark only one choice; darken the circle completely (you should not be able to see the letter after you have darkened the circle). Check frequently to be sure the problem number on the test is the same as the problem number of the scantron. There are 5 partial credit questions (48 points). In order to obtain full credit for the partial credit problems, all work must be shown . Credit will not be given for an answer not supported by work . The point value for each partial credit question is given in parentheses to the right of the question number. THE USE OF CALCULATORS IS NOT PERMITTED IN THIS EXAMINATION. M.C. ( 90 pts.)
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may 4th 04 test - MATH 140 Final Exam NAME STUDENT NUMBER...

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