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Purgatory_4 - from Dante’s forehead Virgil explains the...

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Leandro Villanueva Advanced Composition EN3300W Pr. Karen Narvarte Centigraph # 4 Purgatory, Canto # 17 As the poets emerge from the dark cloud near sunset, Dante keeps receiving visions of wrath. After the visions pass, an angel urges Dante to climb up the stairs to the 4 th terrace where the Slothful reside. The angel brushes another P
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Unformatted text preview: from Dante’s forehead. Virgil explains the design of the purgatory as they rest, because night has fallen. Virgil explains that all action, good and evil, stems from some form of love. The three top terraces punish sinners who loved earthly objects excessively....
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