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Final - Seminar in Finance Spring 2008 Final Exam The final...

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Seminar in Finance Spring 2008 Final Exam The final will be part “take home” and part “in class.” The take home questions are due at the time of the exam (9:20am April 23). Take home portion 1. (40 pts) Go to www.ipohome.com . Go to “IPO Latest Filings (more).” Find the filings for Digital Globe (DGI) and Fluidigm (FLDM). Click on the company names and then click on the link to View Prospectus and other SEC filings . Go to the S-1 Form Html version. Next click into S-1 (this should be the largest file in the list). The DGI document is 92 pages, not counting exhibits. The FLDM document is 114 pages not counting exhibits. Assume that you are a junior stock research analyst working for hedge fund that is considering buying shares of either DGI or FLDM, or both. Your boss has told you to study the prospectus and come up with the top 10 concerns (for each stock, prioritized with the biggest concern listed first) that you think need to be considered before we company invests in these companies. You want to impress your boss with the quality of
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