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Week of October 22nd Looking at your company, go to their site for human resources/career management/job or employment opportunities and discuss how they present working for their company… Does it say how they recruit employees What about benefits Do they have a management trainee program? Is there an employee referral program? Does it specifically talk about what life is like working for the company-type of corporate culture one would find if they work there? Week of October 29 th If your company produces a tangible product: Looking at your company, how many manufacturing plants does your company have around the world? What goes into the production process of the product(s) your company makes? Do they have special suppliers? Do they manufacture the product in specific parts of the world?
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Unformatted text preview: Do they discuss inventory management? *Go to and type in your company name and manufacturing…see what articles come up and discuss. For example, if you are doing Proctor & Gamble type this name and manufacturing…you will find lots of stuff on this…read a couple and summarize. If your company provides an intangible service: What types of services does your company offer? Are the services offered at all of your locations or do they introduce services in specific geographic regions to start with? What do they say about operations? Are customer services mentioned as part of the process? If so, how are they important to the functioning of this services company?...
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